Cartridge and Engineered Seals

Standard Cartridge Seals

Stramek Standard Cartridge Seals

Standard Cartridge Seal suitable of the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. Apt for ANSI & ISO pumps and ISO 21049 API 682. 

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Metal Bellow Seals

Stramek Metal Bellow

Metal Bellow Seals apt for high and low temperature, power plant, chemical and petrochemical industries. 

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Dual Seals

Stramek Dual Seals

Due to its great reliability, Dual seals are commonly used in the process and chemical industry.  

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Split Seals

Stramek Split Seals

Our Split Seals are suitable for vertical pumps, large pumps, split case pumps and equipment that is difficult to disassemble.  

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Engineered Seals

Stramek Engineered Seals

Engineered seals commonly used in the following industries: Pulp and paper, minning and abrasive or corrosive liquids, oil and gas and fuel gas desulphurization.  

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Mixers Seals

Stramek Mixers Seals

Mixer Seals apt for agitators, reactors, mixers, pharmaceutical and chemical industry. 

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