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SBF54 Vessels for Supply Systems


Barrier pressure units of the SBF range perform all the functions of a barrier system essential for operating double seals (circulation and cooling of the barrier medium, pressurization of the barrier fluid and compensation of leakage). The SBF range is available in 3 basic versions: 

- BF1000: tank capacity 40 l, flow rate 6 l/min.
- SBF2000: tank capacity 100 l, flow rate 12 l/min.
- SBF3000: tank capacity 100 l, flow rate 23 l/min.

The three BFS ranges are designed for hydraulic oil with viscosity values of 12 to 90 mm2/s at operating temperature (tank temperature). The optimum viscosity of the class of the oil to be used has to be determined separately in accordance with the respective application.

Typical Industrial Applications:

  • Chemical industry
  • Oil and gas industry Petrochemical industry
  • Refining technology

Technical characteristics

Automatic relief valve for reducing barrier fluid pressure at standstill Barrier fluid directed through oil cooler.
Reversible double filter (SBF1000: single filter)
Level switch with contact for MIN level Manual control of barrier fluid pressure
Measuring instrument connections suitable for fitting contact switching devices (NG160)
Max. operating temperature in the tank 80ºC (return line max. 90ºC)
Provision of an additional pressure connection for monitoring the pump discharge pressure (outside the circuit)
Temperature monitoring with a return line and tank thermometer
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