Stramek is now part of the EHEDG group

Stramek prides itself to communicate its membership of the EHEDG group
in its commitment to the manufacture of mechanical seals for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

At EHEDG, the highest quality and safety standards for hygienic and ultra hygienic applications are basic principles.

EHEDG is an association that includes the leading manufacturers of food and pharmaceutical equipment, as well as users and legislators.

The aim is to discuss issues related to hygienic equipment design and to strengthen the safety and the quality in food processing.

This seal joins those of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, as well as the membership of the Spanish Association of Equipment, Solutions and Process Technologies in Fluid Handling – FLUIDEX-.

Stramek has a complete range of mechanical seals and seal support systems. We offer mechanical seals for rotating equipment in different industries; chemical, pharmaceutical, water treatment, food, energy and petrochemical

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