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S74-D Dual Seals


Dual seal for plain shafts, unbalanced. Independent of direction of rotation. Rotating multiple springs. Seal concept based on the S70 range and variant with pumping screw available (S74F-D).

Typical Industrial Applications:

  • Adhesives
  • Chemical industry
  • Low solids content and low abrasive media
  • Media with poor lubrication properties
  • Process industry
  • Toxic and hazardous media
  • Chemical standard pumps


Technical characteristics

  • Flexibility in torque transmissions
  • Pumping screw for media with higher viscosity also possible
  • Self cleaning effect
  • Short installation length also possible
  • Suitable for media with low solids contents
  • Versatile application possibilities EN 12756 (For connection dimensions d1 upto 1 00 mm )


  • Seal face: Special cast CrMo steel (S), Silicon carbide (Q1, Q2)
  • Seat G9: Carbon graphite antimony impregnated (A), Carbon graphite resin impregnated (B), Silicon carbide (Q1*, Q2*)
  • Seat G4: Silicon carbide (Q1*, Q2*)
  • Seat G6: Silicon carbide (Q1*, Q2*)
  • Seat G13: Carbon graphite antimony impregnated (A), Carbon graphite resin impregnated (B)

* Cannot be combined with seal face made of S
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